Mushrooms could solve the war on plastic, says Kew Gardens

Mushrooms could solve the war on plastic, says Kew Gardens

Fungi could be the key to winning the war on plastic, leading scientists at Kew Gardens has said. The first ever report on the state of the world’s fungi has today revealed that if the natural properties of fungus can be harnessed and developed, plastic could be broken down naturally in weeks rather than years.

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Want To Snag A Job Mining Asteroids Someday?

Want to snag a job mining asteroids someday? You can now get your masters in it.

ASTEROIDS APLENTY. Our solar system has no shortage of asteroids. At last count, NASA estimated there were 781,454 of the rocky bodies orbiting our Sun. Tens of thousands of those are floating between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter in an area appropriately named the asteroid belt.

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Dozens of ‘Mysterious Radio Bursts’ From Outer Space Are Detected

Dozens of ‘mysterious radio bursts’ from outer space detected by alien-hunting artificial intelligence

AN artificial intelligence program hunting for alien life in the universe has picked up dozens of mysterious radio bursts. The Breakthrough Listen has detected 72 new fast radio bursts (FRBs) coming from a galaxy three billion light years from earth. Scientists have named the source of these signals, way outside the Milky Way galaxy, “repeater” FRB 121102.

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Simple Blood Test May Reveal Your Body’s Inner Clock

Simple blood test may reveal your body’s inner clock

A team of researchers at Northwestern University said Monday they have designed a blood test that can measure a person’s inner body clock within 1.5 hours, an advance that may help personalize medical treatments in the future. The study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of

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AI Brains Can Be ‘Radicalised’ For Mass Murder

Killer robot TERROR: UK and US warned AI brains can be ‘radicalised’ for MASS MURDER

US and UK manufacturers have been told future robot minds are capable of mass murder. The warning comes after a Campaign to Stop Killer Robots report said autonomous machines used for warfare are poised for mass production. But computer engineer Subhash Kak said machines this advanced in future could be radicalised like the human mind.

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Interstellar Travel Breakthrough

Interstellar travel BREAKTHROUGH: New material to ‘speed spacecraft to 134,000,000 mph’

Before man can cross the vast distances of space, the designs of spacecraft’s sails will be key – striking a delicate balance between mass, strength and reflectivity. Working with NASA, California Institute of Technology (Caltech) scientists have created the new material out of silicon and its oxide, silica.

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Probiotics labelled ‘quite useless’

Probiotics labelled ‘quite useless’

A group of scientists in Israel claim foods that are packed with good bacteria – called probiotics – are almost useless. Their study is among the most detailed analyses of what happens when we consume probiotics. They are seen as healthy and good for the gut, but the results found they had little or no effect inside the body.

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Blue Light From Screens Contributed to Blindness

Scientists knew blue light from screens can contribute to blindness. Now they know why.

BAD, BAD BLUE LIGHT. When it comes to our eyesight, the various colors of light our eyes are subjected to are far from equal. Blue rays of light, which have shorter wavelengths and more energy than other colors, can damage our eyes over time – they contribute to macular degeneration, the primary cause of blindness.

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NIA Study Links Fasting To Longevity

Want to live longer? NIA study links fasting to longevity

CLOSE People have been fasting for years to lose weight, but what if we told you that the longer you fast, the longer you can live? The idea may be hard to stomach, but a new study by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) suggests that intermittent fasting could be the key to longevity.

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Ancient ‘Monster’ Galaxy Should Have Destroyed Itself

This ancient ‘monster’ galaxy should have destroyed itself

There’s a monster out there. It’s far away, buried deep in the past. But scientists can see it. And thanks to a new international imaging project, they’ve begun to understand it, too. The monster is a galaxy that formed in the first billion years after the Big Bang.

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