Are You Ready For Smart Cobots?

The Future Of Work: Are You Ready For Smart Cobots?

Cobots-collaborative robots that work alongside a human workforce-just might be the future of work. By splitting responsibilities to capitalize on what humans and robots do best respectively, companies are solving efficiency, cost and labor shortage issues and deploying cobots in their workplace.

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Want To Snag A Job Mining Asteroids Someday?

Want to snag a job mining asteroids someday? You can now get your masters in it.

ASTEROIDS APLENTY. Our solar system has no shortage of asteroids. At last count, NASA estimated there were 781,454 of the rocky bodies orbiting our Sun. Tens of thousands of those are floating between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter in an area appropriately named the asteroid belt.

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Prince Charles Issues Robot Warning

Prince Charles issues ROBOT WARNING: ‘I totally and utterly object’

The Prince of Wales made the Royal intervention in a GQ magazine interview marking his forthcoming 70th birthday. Charles said he “utterly” objected to the trend of people somehow becoming “part human, part machine”. He was spoke the magazine as the was presented with the Editor’s Lifetime Achievement Award for services to philanthropy at the GQ Men of the Year Awards.

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Five Experts Share What Scares Them the Most About AI

Five experts share what scares them the most about AI

Sophisticated AI could make the world a better place. It might let us fight cancer and improve healthcare around the world, or simply free us from the menial tasks that dominate our lives. That was the primary topic of conversation last month when engineers, investors, researchers, and policymakers got together at The Joint Multi-Conference on Human-Level Artificial Intelligence.

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