Nuclear Pasta In Neutron Stars May Be The Strongest Material In The Universe

Nuclear pasta in neutron stars may be the strongest material in the universe

A strand of spaghetti snaps easily, but an exotic substance known as nuclear pasta is an entirely different story. Predicted to exist in ultradense dead stars called neutron stars, nuclear pasta may be the strongest material in the universe.

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Millions of Elderly Americans Are Hooked on Xanax

Millions of elderly Americans are hooked on Xanax, study warns

Benzodiazepines are prescribed to treat anxiety, depression and sleep issues For every 10 extra days the pills were prescribed for, long-term use risk doubled The recommended use is no more than four weeks but many are prescribed the drugs for as long as eight months Millions of elderly Americans are becoming highly addicted to anti-anxiety medicines that treat depression, anxiety and sleep issues, a new study had warned.

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Simple Blood Test May Reveal Your Body’s Inner Clock

Simple blood test may reveal your body’s inner clock

A team of researchers at Northwestern University said Monday they have designed a blood test that can measure a person’s inner body clock within 1.5 hours, an advance that may help personalize medical treatments in the future. The study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of

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Geoengineering Would Hurt Earth’s Crops More Than It Would Help Them

Geoengineering would hurt Earth’s crops more than it would help them, says study

GETTING HANDS-ON. Think geoengineering is a great way to reverse the effects of climate change? Well, we might want to push pause on those plans. According to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature, geoengineering could actually leave us worse off than if we did nothing at all.

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AI Greater Concern Than Terrorism

Head of British Science Association: AI Greater Concern than Terrorism | Breitbart

“Until maybe a couple of years ago had I been asked what is the most pressing and important conversation we should be having about our future, I might have said climate change or one of the other big challenges facing humanity, such as terrorism, antimicrobial resistance, the threat of pandemics or world poverty,” declared Professor Jim Al-Khalili during a briefing.

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How Will Humans React If We Discover Alien Life?

How will humans react if we discover alien life? This new study just found out (and surprised us)

If science fiction’s to be believed, humans are going to absolutely freak out when we first encounter extraterrestrials – we’re talking pandemonium, nothing short of out-and-out hysteria. From Independence Day to Alien, your average human in a movie doesn’t take well to meeting our newly-discovered alien neighbors, who, to be fair, are usually threatening the widespread elimination of humans in some way.

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