Want To Snag A Job Mining Asteroids Someday?

Want to snag a job mining asteroids someday? You can now get your masters in it.

ASTEROIDS APLENTY. Our solar system has no shortage of asteroids. At last count, NASA estimated there were 781,454 of the rocky bodies orbiting our Sun. Tens of thousands of those are floating between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter in an area appropriately named the asteroid belt.

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Geoengineering Would Hurt Earth’s Crops More Than It Would Help Them

Geoengineering would hurt Earth’s crops more than it would help them, says study

GETTING HANDS-ON. Think geoengineering is a great way to reverse the effects of climate change? Well, we might want to push pause on those plans. According to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature, geoengineering could actually leave us worse off than if we did nothing at all.

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