Regrowing dental tissue with stem cells from baby teeth

Regrowing dental tissue with stem cells from baby teeth | Penn Today

In a clinical trial led by Songtao Shi of the School of Dental Medicine, stem cells extracted from baby teeth were used to regrow the living tissue in teeth damaged by injury. The promising findings highlight the potential of dental stem cells, which could be used in a wide range of dental procedures, or treating certain systemic diseases.

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Asteroid Space Mining Mission

Asteroid space mining mission plan REVEALED by USGS in $700 quintillion gold rush

Space mining is the process of sending spacecraft to asteroids, moons, comets and even planets to collect valuable minerals. USGS officials are now investigating how they can expand their operation to search for resources in space – with hopes to team up with NASA.

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Mysterious Attacks In Cuba Probably Involved Weaponized Microwaves

Those mysterious attacks in Cuba probably involved weaponized microwaves

Back in 2016, diplomats working in the U.S. embassy in Cuba suddenly reported hearing deafening, bizarre noises that didn’t get any quieter when they covered their ears. Years later, the U.S. Embassy in China reported a similar attack. But no one had any idea what was causing it.

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China Has More Solar Energy Capacity Than Any Other Country In The World

How China’s giant solar farms are transforming world energy

Fly over “Datong County”, a region in northern China, and you’ll see two giant pandas. One is waving at you. They are made of thousands of solar panels. Together, and with the other adjacent panels included, they form a 100-megawatt farm covering 248 acres.

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