Are You Ready For Smart Cobots?

The Future Of Work: Are You Ready For Smart Cobots?

Cobots-collaborative robots that work alongside a human workforce-just might be the future of work. By splitting responsibilities to capitalize on what humans and robots do best respectively, companies are solving efficiency, cost and labor shortage issues and deploying cobots in their workplace.

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Many Populations Fear Big Job Loss From Automation

Many populations fear big job loss from automation: survey

NEW YORK (AFP) – The public is broadly fearful that automation will lead to significant job losses, with many populations skeptical the technologies will boost economic efficiency, according to a survey of 10 countries released Thursday.

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Stuart Russell on Artificial Intelligence: What if we succeed?

Stuart Russell on Artificial Intelligence: What if we succeed?

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Stuart Russell is a professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley as well as co-author of the most popular textbook in the field – Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach.

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How AI Changed Organ Donation In The US

How AI changed organ donation in the US

There used to be only three ways off of a kidney transplant waiting list. The first was to find a healthy person from within one’s own pool of friends and family, who perfectly matched both the recipient’s blood and tissue types, and possessed a spare kidney he or she was willing to part with.

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AI will create $13 trillion in value by 2030

AI will create $13 trillion in value by 2030 | ZDNet

Consultant firm McKinsey reckons artificial intelligence (AI) will boost productivity way more than the steam engine was able to in the 1800s. McKinsey’s latest forecast of AI’s impact on the global economy is that it will have generated $13 trillion in economic activity across the world by 2030, despite causing upheaval for many people.

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Dozens of ‘Mysterious Radio Bursts’ From Outer Space Are Detected

Dozens of ‘mysterious radio bursts’ from outer space detected by alien-hunting artificial intelligence

AN artificial intelligence program hunting for alien life in the universe has picked up dozens of mysterious radio bursts. The Breakthrough Listen has detected 72 new fast radio bursts (FRBs) coming from a galaxy three billion light years from earth. Scientists have named the source of these signals, way outside the Milky Way galaxy, “repeater” FRB 121102.

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PostHuman: An Introduction to Transhumanism

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AI Brains Can Be ‘Radicalised’ For Mass Murder

Killer robot TERROR: UK and US warned AI brains can be ‘radicalised’ for MASS MURDER

US and UK manufacturers have been told future robot minds are capable of mass murder. The warning comes after a Campaign to Stop Killer Robots report said autonomous machines used for warfare are poised for mass production. But computer engineer Subhash Kak said machines this advanced in future could be radicalised like the human mind.

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AI Greater Concern Than Terrorism

Head of British Science Association: AI Greater Concern than Terrorism | Breitbart

“Until maybe a couple of years ago had I been asked what is the most pressing and important conversation we should be having about our future, I might have said climate change or one of the other big challenges facing humanity, such as terrorism, antimicrobial resistance, the threat of pandemics or world poverty,” declared Professor Jim Al-Khalili during a briefing.

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Prince Charles Issues Robot Warning

Prince Charles issues ROBOT WARNING: ‘I totally and utterly object’

The Prince of Wales made the Royal intervention in a GQ magazine interview marking his forthcoming 70th birthday. Charles said he “utterly” objected to the trend of people somehow becoming “part human, part machine”. He was spoke the magazine as the was presented with the Editor’s Lifetime Achievement Award for services to philanthropy at the GQ Men of the Year Awards.

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