Witchcraft: Its Power in the World Today by William Buehler Seabrook (PDF Format)





Witchcraft: Its Power in the World Today is a book by William Buehler Seabrook which was published in 1941. It details the author’s views on psychology, parapsychology and the occult, and contains information about the author’s meetings with a number of famous people.

Throughout his writing career, Seabrook had been fascinated with the strange, from Dervish mystics (Adventures in Arabia) to Haitian zombies (Magic Island). Witchcraft contains Seabrook’s look back at his earlier first-hand experiences. He writes in the forward that the book will be “a disappointment to all who believe in the supernatural.” He concludes that although he had searched the world for the supernatural, on reflection he had to conclude that he had seen nothing inexplicable by science. Nevertheless, he remained fascinated by the possibilities of human psychology and parapsychology.

Published 1942

Pages 306

PDF Format

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