Fire Baby

This is me when I am in nicotine withdrawal and start thinking about my past.


Engineering Paradise

While I consider myself a Transhumanist, often times some of the ideas that come into this movement and the direction it starts to go scares me. I noticed a theme within the movement years ago that involved communism and hardcore atheism.

I do not consider myself religious and I do not view a God as an old man that sits in a chair with a beard, looking down on us waiting for the next time he can drown us all. I see God as a force, like gravity or maybe the ether itself, an intelligent wisdom or the force that causes animation. Possibly, it is the force that is the coder of this simulation we could all be in. For all I know this force could be a super intelligent toddler in the 6th dimension who likes his favorite “snow globe”, which just happens to be my universe.

I have also toyed with the idea that I am a dream, that something else is dreaming and all of this is just a part of this entities dream, in a few human minutes it will wake up and away I go.

Because when I read religious text I do not look at the surface information, but try to get a different esoteric (hidden) meaning from the words, Transhumanism has sometimes disturbed me. The promise of Transhumanism is the promise of the serpent in the Garden of Eden, that we can be just like God. We only ate from the first tree, The Tree of Knowledge. There was a second tree, a tree Transhumanism is giving the promise of and that is the Tree of Life.

In a book, not included in the Bible, was a book called “Adam and Eve: Book 1”. It is apparent while reading that, in our current time, that it was talking about portals and dimensions. One example of this is when Adam and Eve were already cast out of the garden and see a river. Adam becomes excited, because it is the river that is in the Garden of Eden, only it isn’t. You see when Adam looks down the river, the Tree of Life is not there, he in some way points this out to Eve. I forget. The tree is “there”, but not in this dimension anyway.

The book Arthur Arcturus is talking about in this video is called “The Hedonistic Imperative” by David Pearce. While I have some of the hopes discussed in this video, some of them, like many in this movement cause me pause.


The 640 Billion Core CPU

O.K. I definitely do not fully understand this. It is certainly a new topic for me as far as how this “computer” would operate. I am also so glad I stuck it out and listened to the whole video because after a few minutes I was about to switch it off. If this comes about it will be amazing and scary. I also still can’t help but think we are already inside something like this.


The Bleeding Edge

An online friend sent this trailer to me yesterday because he thought I would be interested. I am and would like to watch it. I told him that I was not surprised. I mean after what I went through with being damaged by a medication called Xanax and the treatment from doctors and other medical professions after, how can I be shocked by anything like this ever again?

“America has the most technologically advanced health care system in the world, yet medical interventions have become the third leading cause of death, and the overwhelming majority of high-risk implanted devices never require a single clinical trial.”