Dior J’adore ‘The future is gold’

I have already recently posted my favorite movie, then I posted my favorite music album, so it is only fair I post my favorite commercial. 🙂

And with this, no more favorites…Unless I post my favorite book. I might, it is good.


Whites Don’t Have A Culture

No, actually we do have a culture. All people of this planet have a culture and it should be celebrated. Allow yourself to celebrate all cultures and stop trying to pick some enemy out. Do not let the Left poison your mind. (note I did not say Liberalism, I said the Left (there is a difference). In fact mainstream Liberals are running away from the insanity taking place.

If you have no clue what I am talking about go to Facebook or Twitter and search the hashtag #WalkAway. Actually, I think I will post a #WalkAway video under this..


RETRO FLASHBACK – Flat Earth Asshole – Satellite Remix

Do I believe the Earth is flat? I don’t know…do I? Does it matter? As I pointed out in another post. Maybe I just like showing you all “the things”? Maybe I am just trying to reactivate your creative mind? I will address this topic and many other topics in future posts though. The trick is, you will have to make up your own mind on things. I refuse to be the Guru. You are the Guru.

Side note: I own the album of the guy in this video. No, it has nothing to do with flat earth. Just a good band called “Z Strain”. I do not think they are still together. 🙁

Here is footage used to show a rocket hitting the “Flat Earth Dome” and the “Waters Above”.

This is a promo for the Flat Earth Mixer that took place in 2016:


There Are Many Reasons I Do Not Believe What I Am Shown

There are so many reasons I do not believe the things that I am shown on mass media (nor other media [even alternative media]) and why I take the time to dig deeper and do my own research on the topic. Even on your own, you have to be very careful. You have no idea where there can be hidden traps.


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

I have watched/read so many weird, wonderful and creative things over the years. Many things I wish I could share with you all, but I would be shutdown.

Why shutdown? Well, because some of the things I watch are so fringe that “political correctness” and/or the majority of the population of the planet would have a fit. They wouldn’t watch it the same way I and a few rare others would. They would demand I must really believe everything in each and every video or book that I have watched or read. Otherwise, why was I showing it, giving it attention, or *gasp* watching it or reading it in the first place?

This is so far from the truth. I like to enter things openly. I look, read, or watch. I pick key valid points, future subjects of interest, make mental notes, debate myself and then….I move on. I do not sit around feeling angry about words, or topics. I just look. I stay the observer.

I already know nothing is what it seems anyway, so I like to collect tidbits of information and just store it away in my small noggin.

But I also keep it to myself, otherwise the masses question:

“You don’t reeeealllly believe that do you?”

“I think you are stupid!”

“No one can keep secrets!!! Everyone would know!!”

“Go back to school!!”

This goes on and on, depending on the topic. Many people seem unable to realize that some people can just watch things, show others and/or share things and that in and of itself means nothing at all. It just means….here…look.

Why does anyone care what I think anyway?