Subliminal Nephilim Wisdom

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Script of the subliminal message: Nephilims, ancient ones of genesis, teach me your ways and understanding. Bring your wisdom to me in my dreams. Let your ancient knowledge flow to me as I walk in the moonlight. Nephilims, you walked with man before the flood. Reveal yourselves to me.

The more you listen to this CD the better. Use Headphones.

Disclaimer: I cannot be responsible for any effects good or bad from the use of this product. This product is for research and experimentation only. Consult your professional health practitioner or medical doctor before using this product. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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When I Am Finally A Cyborg

This is me when I am finally a cyborg, but I can’t find a job, so I have to teach the humans left on Earth how to dance.


Mah Coffee Mah Entertainment

I don’t feel all that inspired today to say much, except I will anyway haha.

I am just sitting here with my giant ice coffee. Yes, I know I said I would stop drinking it. I say a lot of things. Actually, getting myself to stick to things is hard. However, there is a reason I am gulping it down. I slept a long time yesterday and fairly deeply. Then, after only being awake for a few hours, I couldn’t keep my eyes open and fell asleep by mistake for another half hour.

This is all good in my head because that means I might actually stay up till tonight and go to bed early. That is why I am drinking this coffee, to maybe help me achieve that goal. If that doesn’t happen I give up and I am not even going to try to fix it anymore, it takes too much effort. Plus, I know from past experience it will fix itself…in time.

Speaking of not being able to stick to things, this is why at times I am still glad I have no car. I would had given up on exercising by now. For example, this morning did I want to walk to the store to get food? No. And if I had a car, I would had gotten right in it and drove there, even if I had promised myself to walk. I had no choice. I had to walk. Did I enjoy walking there? No. In fact my thoughts were more like “I can’t live like this.” The point is I walked and got the exercise, even if by force.

To finish up this blog, I would also like to say that I try to avoid all mass media. I will talk about why another time, but I have been fairly successful at it since 2011, minus letting in a few blips of it here and there. That being said, I do have a guilty pleasure, and that is Wendy Williams. I watched her before I left the TV behind and thankfully she uploads her “Hot Topics” to YouTube, so I can still partake. She is my main source of information on celebrity and other trivial topics.

I am going to post a compilation video someone uploaded of her “Shady Moments”, so you can get a feel for her (if you have never watched her before). Then, under that video I will post Morgue’s newest video. I rarely agree with him. I am not even sure if I like him, but he is my other guilty pleasure. He entertains me as well and at least causes me to look into some of the things he says.


Watching Documentaries Today

I woke up around midnight last night and have just been resting and watching documentaries since then, minus when I walked to the store. It is weird because I don’t feel as crappy as usual. I feel almost peaceful and slightly sedated, no idea why. I also feel like I have been awake a very long time, but its only 10:30am.

So, I watched a few aboriginal documentaries, and other documentaries on indigenous people, all decent. Then I got to this documentary on the Congo. I could not live like this. Hell, I felt stressed just watching it, but it is interesting enough to share.