Do You Secretly LOVE Donald Trump?

I disagree with almost everything “Morgue” says (in most his videos, including this one). However, I often watch people I disagree with. I encourage everyone to do that. Unless you force yourself to watch that which you hate or disagree, you can not be fully informed.

People, no matter the side they are on, often have a valid point in some areas. Also, unless you watch that which you disagree with, you will not know your enemy. Know the words they say and understand them, so you can fight against that.

That is another reason I left Facebook. You can not openly share ideas on there without attack. People on there do not wish to see what they hate or disagree with. They want to stay in a bubble, their echo chamber. I am telling you, unless you listen to it all, even if it raises your blood pressure a little, you will not be fully informed.

You can not have your own independent personal beliefs unless you take in all the information and not from mainstream News agencies of any kind. They are not there to help you.

What scares me about what “Morgue” says in this video is that we live in a time of the extreme and that there is no center. “Total polarization” as he puts it. That is a world I do not feel safe in. Anything, on either side, taken to an extreme is dangerous.

Brian – RETRO FLASHBACK – Benzo Withdrawal Welcome To Hell

Years ago I was damaged by a medication called Xanax. I promised myself when I was well enough I would speak out about what happened to me. The first video was recorded in 2009 (Benzo Withdrawal Welcome To Hell) and the second video 3 years later as an update (Benzo Withdrawal Welcome To Hell 3 Years Later).

What happened to me back then has defined my life since and has lead me to where I am today. I was never the same after what happened and after all these years (about 10 years later) I am left with some damage, damage no one believes exists, but I am mostly O.K. now, thankfully.

I am happy to see others now sharing their own experiences with this class of medication online.

Subliminal Archangel Gabriel

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Script of the subliminal message: Archangel Gabriel, open my third eye. Inspire and motivate me. Help me to overcome fear and procrastination. Lead me to my true calling in life. Help me find a reason for being. Come into my body and remove all toxins and illness.

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The Places I Go To Teach Myself All The Things

Khan Academy – A place where you can refresh what you already learned in school and move beyond. This has all the basic topics, Math, Science, History, Grammar, a little bit of computer coding and much more.

Code Academy – A great place to start learning a variety of computer programming languages.

Some of the best YouTube Channels to expand your mind and learn are:

2045 Initiative – Transhumanism, which includes a variety of topics, such as life extension.

Aging Reversed – Another Transhumanism channel that focuses on life extension and the reversing of aging.

DARPAtv – This is the official YouTube channel of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Elon Musk Viral Videos – A channel that mainly focuses on everything Elon Musk.

Harvard University – Harvard University’s YouTube channel shares video content about life and learning that takes place here on campus and around the world.

IntelligenceSquared Debates – A nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, Intelligence Squared U.S. (IQ2US) was founded to restore civility, reasoned analysis, and constructive public discourse to today’s often biased media landscape. The mission of IQ2US is to raise the level of public discourse by providing a forum for intelligent discussion, grounded in facts and informed by reasoned analysis, encouraging recognition that the opposing side has intellectually respectable views.

MIT OpenCourseWare – OCW is a free and open online publication of material from thousands of MIT courses, covering the entire MIT curriculum, ranging from the introductory to the most advanced graduate courses.

Stanford – The Stanford Channel on YouTube features videos from schools, departments and programs across the university. Highlights include courses, faculty lectures, campus events and the latest research news from Stanford.

Talks at Google – The Talks at Google program brings authors, innovators, scientists, actors, actresses, artists, filmmakers, musicians, and speakers of all kinds to Google for talks centering on their work.

TED – TED Talks shares the best ideas from the TED Conference with the world, for free: trusted voices and convention-breaking mavericks, icons and geniuses.

The Artificial Intelligence Channel – This channel is primarily focused on the future of artificial intelligence, but also posts videos related to the technological singularity, transhumanism, anti-aging, synthetic biology, space exploration, technological unemployment, basic income and more.

Transhumanism Videos – A community that educates and invests in scientific research and technologies which enhance the human biological condition.

University of California Television – University of California Television (UCTV) shares educational and enrichment programming from the campuses, national laboratories, and affiliated institutions of the University of California.

World Science Festival – The World Science Festival is a production of the World Science Foundation, a non-profit organization headquartered in New York City. The Foundation’s mission is to cultivate a general public informed by science, inspired by its wonder, convinced of its value, and prepared to engage with its implications for the future.

Courtney Love Is 53 Years Old!!

Courtney Love is 53 years old!!! I was pointing this out to a few people tonight. I texted my friend Billy and said “Courtney Love is 53 years old. She runs around doing coke, pills, heroin, drinking and smoking. She has even overdosed a few times, but still has the energy to be in movies and do music. And here I sit , much younger and feeling like shit all the time. Ruuuuuude!!” He said “lol”

But, it is true, wtf. Look, I have not always been easy on my body. I “have lived”, but c’mon. I never did all that hard stuff. Often, I sit in amazement at people I know locally on all sorts of things and they can just pop up from bed and off to work they go, then party some more. I have never been able to do that. I am like a zombie. Just dragging myself through life always feeling half dead.

I know I am some genetic mutant of some kind haha. Hell, I can’t even eat the wrong food or my body goes haywire. God bless her. If I did anything she does on the daily I would had been dead long ago.

If you feel like entertaining yourself here is the “Courtney Love Behind The Music”. The person who posted it explains that some the clips are out of order and I noticed in some parts there is silence for a few seconds before the next part starts, but overall it is worth watching.

Don’t be like Courtney, but pray for her energy. 🙂

Sunset – Official HD Trailer (2018)

Hey, look everyone at the extremely bad acting! And why do some of these characters look like they are suffering from inbreeding? Why is Jada Pinkett Smith in this film? Did she do something wrong and they dropped her to the bottom of films? Ohhhhh, that isn’t Jada Pinkett, that is Suzette Gunn, a look alike. Why does that old lady look like her dentures are ill fit and about to pop out of her skeletor like head? Why do I feel like I could had filmed this movie with my phone and with my poor acting ability been the lead?

All that being said, you know I will watch it. I love me some nuclear war movies. 🙂

Liquid Sky aka My Favorite Movie

People often ask people. “What is your favorite movie?” Well mine is “Liquid Sky” and I already know many will not like it. It was discontinued for while before it’s DVD release years later. However, during that time, before it came on DVD, I purchased it for $55.00 on VHS haha. That is how much I liked it.

Anyway, here it is…Brian’s favorite movie, that you will hate. It is how my mind works…it is everything hehe. OK I am going to bed.