I Finally Went To Get My Mail Today

It has been about two months since I picked up my mail. It’s a hassle because I have to take the bus to downtown Albany from my location. Living in a motel it is not like you have an address, so you get creative and find someone you know to be your mailing address. I rarely get anything important, but from time to time I collect it.

I didn’t even know I was going to go today. I just sort of felt in the mood to take the bus and the horrible humidity we were having here last week ended.

This morning when I opened my door I found this guy just chilling outside..

I looked him up as best I could on Google and I am pretty sure he is a Black and Yellow Long Horned Beetle.

So anyway, I walked to the bus stop and watched this woman on the center dividing island of a very busy road just going in and out of sleep while standing there. I am pretty sure she might have been on drugs…

Then the bus came and I went downtown. Before I got my mail I always look at for rent signs. It isn’t even exactly a good area and yet this studio is $910 dollars a month, includes heat and hot water, but not electric. So by the time I would pay that rent, my electric and my Wi-Fi bill I would be paying exactly as much as I am paying here to live in the motel. Only I would be in a crappier location. I took a pic for you…

Then I got my mail and walked back to the bus stop, where I was asked for change twice while waiting for the bus and then went home (Pic of the bus stop while waiting to go home)..

So I am all set with my mail now and won’t have to make that trip for at least another month 🙂