How To Avoid The Mass Brainwashing

I am aware the things I have said throughout my life, write about and discuss sounds “crazy”. I am also very aware that I missed out on something, something that made the world go mad. I have debated this with myself for a very long time, as to the how or why of this, and how I missed “this event”. I also know I am not the only one who did. There are others.

This will not be a very long post, because I am tired and I can talk about this endlessly over time, in both video format and writing.

I have come to the conclusion, that it was not only my personal interests, but illnesses I suffered and agoraphobia (esp. in the past when it was a lot worse) that saved me.

You see, with agoraphobia you are removed from society. The day to day activities are halted. The common chit chat does not exist. This limits the “repeaters”, the people who consume mass media and repeat it to you…over and over. You are removed from all peer pressure to conform.

Illnesses help, esp. in early life. It distracts you. Pulls you away from the mainstream. You go from shopping for all the material items you are told to buy and pulled away from the surface world. The very world most people live and breathe, such as what movie is popular this week to what new song is stuck in everyone’s head. You get left in your own harsh reality, that you are sick and might die.

This is all very hard to put into words. It encompasses so much more than what I could just type out at the moment. I do know now however, that there was not a single “event”, but a series of events that has taken place over time. These events have slowly lead to the current thinking that prevails today.

Brainwashing is slow. You are groomed. It is not fast and swift. Getting out of it is not always easy, but I feel it is reversible. I have experimented with my own self brainwashing over the years (yes, you can brainwash yourself).

From the moment you wake, till the moment you go to sleep you are responsible for all the things you place into your head, from News, movies, music and books. You have to make an effort to not consume what the mainstream is consuming. So, how can you do this, as to not be affected by the current “virus”?

It is actually somewhat easier than you might think:

1) Books- Non-fiction books are fairly safe, unless about a political ideology. However, no one is usually adding a strong agenda to books on computer programming, science, math etc. History is a mixed bag, because history is only written by the victors. Religion is a given, you are getting what you pick up. For example, do not expect to find information on Wicca if you buy the Bible.

2) Music – Listen almost exclusively to music that was not around in your lifetime. Be sure to go a few years before your birth as the upper limits of what you mostly listen too. For example I was born in the 1970’s…so I have a ton of music that I can listen to that was around before I ever was.

3) Movies – Same as music. Ignore current ones, watch movies that were from before you were alive. Of course mostly, you do not have to ignore all movies from your lifetime. Just severely restrict them.

4) News – most News is made up garbage and not actual News anymore anyway. Ignore it. It serves little to no purpose. Anything dangerous that is about to happen will be so pushed into the mainstream you will hear about it. Trust me, you will get a text from people about any major terrorist attack that is taking place or an incoming nuclear weapon. The News is the largest brainwashing tool of them all, followed by movies and music…with books being the least.

Why watch and listen freely to things from before you were alive? Because these events and agendas, for the most part are over with. It is very unlikely a propaganda film about the Vietnam war will change how you decide to vote, protest or support that war. After all, it is over. What you feel now no longer can matter in its outcome. The same goes for music. Music, just as movies is filled with propaganda and agenda pushing.

In general it is easier to avoid the common day “infection” by sticking with the things that were around before your birth for entertainment.

Of course topics you wish to search on YouTube, forums, blogs etc., put out by the “Average Joe” are mostly safe. Clearly, if you go looking for something political or a mainstream News topic from these people, each will have a bias. But, again, at the end of the day it is YOU who is responsible for all the trash you let in your head.

If you do not believe me, try this out for three months. Only sit around reading non-fiction books on neutral topics, listen and watch things from before you arrived on this planet and shun the News. After three months, turn your TV and radio back on. See how you feel and see how the world has moved on. You might even see them as insane.

Anyway, I will address this a lot more in the future. It is not something I can just throw out there and expect people to fully understand.