Greatest Hits Of The 60’s

To lightly touch on my past subject of brainwashing…

This entire set of music is “safe” from any “triggers” for me. It is pre-birth, since I was born in the 1970’s. However, if you were born in the 1960’s, you would want to go further back for yourself to the 1950’s.

I really encourage people to look into brainwashing, propaganda and I guess in general how our world works. Spend even an entire week only looking at things from the 1890’s and then “return” to modern time. You really will see a drastic difference.

Your brain is like a TV, it is a receiver, but like a TV it picks up all the other channels. When you are on one channel, it does not mean that all the other channels are not broadcasting. Like a radio, you might be tuned in to 92.3 FM, but 95.5 FM is still playing, even if you are not listening.

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