Wendy Williams – Countess Luann Back in Rehab

I talked before about how watching Wendy Williams is my guilty pleasure. It is one of the few modern day, pointless things I will watch. I find her show to be a good break from the often serious stuff I will watch or from the subjects I am trying to teach myself. I have even read two of her books, which I found just as entertaining. I will leave links to the two books by her, which I have read down below. If you find yourself needed a fast break or a laugh, subscribe to her YouTube Channel.

Known as a “shock jock diva,” Wendy Williams has had a following in the nation’s number one media market, New York City, and across the nation from the time she became a top-rated radio personality and “It Girl” in the mid-1990s. Whether she’s hosting her nationally syndicated television talk show The Wendy Williams Show or doing commentary for the VH1 Fashion Awards, her fans know that Wendy’s Got the Heat.

“Wendy’s Got the Heat” by Wendy Williams

In the dishiest book of the year, the top-rated and controversial radio host delivers the good, the bad, and the ugly on the industry’s biggest stars. But we’ll let her speak for herself:

Whitney Houston: “We have watched her go from our princess…to what looks like one step above a crackhead.”

Lil’ Kim: “[She] started out as a black girl from the hood and now she’s posing as a white girl from Hollywood.”

Mariah Carey: “Mariah will deny all day that she has ever had any plastic surgery…Check the before-and-after photos.”

Star Jones and Al Reynolds: “I give it three years.”

“The Wendy Williams Experience” by Wendy Williams