I Am Awake Unfortunately

I finally was able to sleep at night. The other night after forcing myself to stay up I went to bed at 8pm and woke up at 7am. I was actually surprised I slept so long (11 hours), but I thought good it will be easy to stay up today (which was yesterday).

Come 10:45pm last night I was not really all that tired, but I went to bed anyway. I didn’t actually fall asleep till about 1130pm. Woke at a little after 1am because I had to pee, then back to bed shortly after and woke a little before 430am. So, I am up for the day and must suffer because that is not enough sleep for me. However, I really need to be getting up in the mornings at this time so I will power through. I need to start getting things done that I can not get done if I am sleeping all day and up all night. Because I was not falling asleep last night right away I had even set my alarm for 7am, just in case. Guess I didn’t need that.

I had the most vivid dreams last night too. I am trying to remember the first one, but I do remember the second right before I woke.

I was in a math class (I know this is because of all the math stuff I have been looking at online the past few months) and we had these workbooks with all these geometric shapes. I remember at one point telling the male teacher (I can not remember what he looked like. I just know he was male because I remember hair on his forearm when he was pointing at something in my math workbook) that I would be late coming to class tomorrow because I had to get to the polls to vote (this is because of all the political things I have been watching recently online).

He walked away and came back giving me a paper with two questions on it. One said “What is a circle with a small circle or small square attached to the upper right hand corner called?” (I have no idea if there is such a name to be honest and I have not Googled it yet. Of course I have seen this image before esp. on I.Q. tests in the past). The second question was “What happens if you removed the middle circle from this workbook page and using a pencil assemble it and make it go clockwise?” Then it said “Answer these two questions and turn it in or you can not vote for Trump!” (wtf ruuuuuuuude haha).

Well I popped out the middle “circle” and assembled it. It made a tiny merry go round when I wrapped the other to parts to the pencil and taped it on. I started to look in some book for the name of the other shape from question one. I found it, but I can not remember it.

I handed all this in to the teacher and he said “You do very well for a 4th grader.” I was an adult in the dream haha, but apparently I was in 4th grade. This is when I woke up.