RETRO FLASHBACK – Flat Earth Asshole – Satellite Remix

Do I believe the Earth is flat? I don’t know…do I? Does it matter? As I pointed out in another post. Maybe I just like showing you all “the things”? Maybe I am just trying to reactivate your creative mind? I will address this topic and many other topics in future posts though. The trick is, you will have to make up your own mind on things. I refuse to be the Guru. You are the Guru.

Side note: I own the album of the guy in this video. No, it has nothing to do with flat earth. Just a good band called “Z Strain”. I do not think they are still together. 🙁

Here is footage used to show a rocket hitting the “Flat Earth Dome” and the “Waters Above”.

This is a promo for the Flat Earth Mixer that took place in 2016: