Why Is There This Line?

I will be honest, this is why I avoid gay people and gay bars locally. One local gay person has already attacked a Trump supporter violently. My hope is that sanity returns.

-Person- Good morning, yes all is fine here. Been enjoying the AC at my place for a few days lol. There was a few months ******* and I were not talking, things are worked out now. Anything new with you? I’ve become fairly political again like I was in HS and college. Twitter a lot, I go to almost every march we have here in Albany. I am doing all I can to help create a Blue Wave this November. If not I fear from my knowledge of history and my experiences as an officer in the Navy the rise of Fascism which will make Nazism pale in comparison by Trump and the GOPigs.

-Person- hehe sorry about the soapbox

-Me (Brian)- It is ok. I voted for and will so far vote for Trump again, but I appreciate your opinion. I am still around if u want to talk. I am not a Nazi and I am terrified at that mass brainwashing that has taken place. But, I still like all people. Hugs.

[Why do I have to explain I am not a Nazi to people in 2018…?]

-Person- lol okay, what else is new? We just won’t talk politics.

Thankfully, this person is sane, granted I assume he check marked me and placed me in a “category” in his head. He has known me for too long to just cast me to the side, but we both now know. I know what he is and he knows what I am. We as civilized people can stop certain talk, BUT only because he know each other and choose to ignore it. This is the danger right now in the United States. People do not want to admit it, but we are on the verge of a civil war. I truly hope it does not come to that, for all of our safety.

A recent poll stated that 31 percent of the population thinks a civil war is coming. I just think everyone needs to calm down. I do not really want them dead….do they want me dead?? Who knew, even if it doesn’t happen, that it would come this close. The rest of the planet must be watching and looking at us.

I jokingly said to my friend… when I am the last American alive I will just wave a Communist flag, so Putin can come and get me. (No, I am not a communist it was just a joke. [and I state communism and Putin in my joke because he was part of the KGB in Soviet Russia…why do I have to explain this? lol])

That is me as the last American alive, haha.