Party monster – The Shockumentary

Back when I was a teenager I use to sneak out of my house. I didn’t inform my mother of this till I was 22 years old, to make sure I was too old for her to ground me for it, still she was not pleased . Oddly, she found it somewhat humorous years later that she didn’t know what I was up too and that I survived.

Side note: I would hand write letters telling roughly where I was going and what I was doing (on yellow legal note paper), then place that under my pillow for my parents in the event I went missing haha.

Back in those days I would take a taxi in the middle of the night to go to gay bars, usually a bar called “The Last Straw” or a club called “The Abyss”, run at that time by D.J. Dave Space, a man I later became friends with.

But, also back in that time I would travel with my other high school friends to illegal raves and other such places that I had no business being. One of those times I met Michael Alig. I wandered into one of his parties. If my parents knew the extent of how far I traveled back then while they slept they would have had my head. I often wonder how I functioned in high school on little to no sleep, youth I guess.

Anyway, when I was 16 years old I kissed Michael Alig as he passed by (honestly, really having no clue of his real significance. Sure it was his party, but I didn’t really know anything about him). Years later, after his arrest I wrote to him in prison. Turns out we share the same birthday, April 29th (different years), as he pointed out in a letter I still have from him.

He has since been released from prison and while I watched some of his YouTube videos, I have had no contact with him since that letter.

This is a fairly good documentary from that time, so I thought I would share it.