Jessica, Girl….Please… I Can’t… LOL

Many centuries ago and several dimensions to the left hand side I made a video about the fight between Jessica Schab and Teal Swan. I will post it below…I was fair to both of them. I just got wrapped up in their mess. Now Jessica is coming out with some documentary she has been promoting for the past year, where she uses my video, almost as if painting me as one of her “haters”.

O.K. Fine Jessica, you want to use me in that light? Where is my fucking money? Do not think for a second if you put me in your film I am not coming after you. If you are profiting off me, then I sure as hell better be profiting as well. And you are also using my friend Crystal…best be paying her too.

You can play the victim, but do not twist my video for your gain. Jessica, contact me, either put me in a fair light in your “film” or pay up. I am not here to make you that cash money. Share girl…….share.

You were the one running around in the past acting magical. I do NOT fully judge you for that. In my video I left a space for both you and Teal. I do NOT like being promoted in away that shows half of me.

This is my full video. Below is one of her promos.