Do You Secretly LOVE Donald Trump?

I disagree with almost everything “Morgue” says (in most his videos, including this one). However, I often watch people I disagree with. I encourage everyone to do that. Unless you force yourself to watch that which you hate or disagree, you can not be fully informed.

People, no matter the side they are on, often have a valid point in some areas. Also, unless you watch that which you disagree with, you will not know your enemy. Know the words they say and understand them, so you can fight against that.

That is another reason I left Facebook. You can not openly share ideas on there without attack. People on there do not wish to see what they hate or disagree with. They want to stay in a bubble, their echo chamber. I am telling you, unless you listen to it all, even if it raises your blood pressure a little, you will not be fully informed.

You can not have your own independent personal beliefs unless you take in all the information and not from mainstream News agencies of any kind. They are not there to help you.

What scares me about what “Morgue” says in this video is that we live in a time of the extreme and that there is no center. “Total polarization” as he puts it. That is a world I do not feel safe in. Anything, on either side, taken to an extreme is dangerous.