Courtney Love Is 53 Years Old!!

Courtney Love is 53 years old!!! I was pointing this out to a few people tonight. I texted my friend Billy and said “Courtney Love is 53 years old. She runs around doing coke, pills, heroin, drinking and smoking. She has even overdosed a few times, but still has the energy to be in movies and do music. And here I sit , much younger and feeling like shit all the time. Ruuuuuude!!” He said “lol”

But, it is true, wtf. Look, I have not always been easy on my body. I “have lived”, but c’mon. I never did all that hard stuff. Often, I sit in amazement at people I know locally on all sorts of things and they can just pop up from bed and off to work they go, then party some more. I have never been able to do that. I am like a zombie. Just dragging myself through life always feeling half dead.

I know I am some genetic mutant of some kind haha. Hell, I can’t even eat the wrong food or my body goes haywire. God bless her. If I did anything she does on the daily I would had been dead long ago.

If you feel like entertaining yourself here is the “Courtney Love Behind The Music”. The person who posted it explains that some the clips are out of order and I noticed in some parts there is silence for a few seconds before the next part starts, but overall it is worth watching.

Don’t be like Courtney, but pray for her energy. 🙂