When Your Mind Plays Tricks

Living alone in a motel, where people come and go all the time, can sometimes spook me when I am in the right state of mind.

As you can see from my videos, when I walk at night, this area is fairly dark. I am near an airport and I am surround by all the other hotels and motels. All this says to me is I am at higher risk of coming face to face with “The Killer”. Some traveling wacko who is spending some layover here and has the thirst to kill.

Usually, I never think about this till I am taking a shower at night. I saw the movie “Psycho”, I am no fool. I swear when I turn that water off and I am waiting to open the shower curtain I expect to see that guy from the movie “Hush” looking back at me.

The last moments of my life would look something like this….

But, so far each time I open that shower curtain I am safe.

I swear though, when I am in the shower I often hear knocking at my door. Granted, I hear this so often while in there I know it is just a trick of my mind. I did use to hear whistling and it sounded like someone was in the bathroom, but that was early on and I discovered that it is just the water running through the pipes.