IFTTT Body Hack

I wrote about this many years ago on an old blog, but I will again, because this time I have actually stuck to it for the past month and it is actually working out well.

IFTTT = If this than that. This is used mainly as a computer term and a site called IFTTT.com allows you to have everything posted to facebook to also be posted to twitter or tumblr etc etc. They have a ton of free applets you can make actually, so check them out.

Taking this idea to the real world, you pick two or more events to link together. So, if you do one, the others follow.

I chose each time I have to go pee haha. I did this because that is an automatic event that must happen many times per day. I started out with each time I pee, I have to do 5 wall push ups first. Then I added stomach pulls. These are a little hard to explain what I am doing, but you let your gut relax so your belly is out a little, then pull it in all the way. Sorta like what you would do when you walk past an attractive person. You suck that gut in to look better. I do 10 of those.

Also, once I got use to those two, I added three facial exercises. I tip my head back all the way and make kissing movement with my lips. You will feel a pulling under your neck/chin. Then I do a smile face, lifting my cheeks and finally I raise my eyebrows up. I do each of these 15 times.

On the wall push ups I worked myself up to 10. So, to recap here is what is done:

10 wall push ups
10 stomach pulls
15 kiss face
15 big smiles
15 eyebrow raises
… Then I go pee.

This seems like a lot, but it really only takes a little over a minute to do. When you think of how many times you pee a day and multiply that by the number of these events you are doing a lot.

After a month I noticed a change in my chest. I first noticed when I got out of the shower one day. The stomach pulls I noticed when I was walking outside and caught my reflection in a window that my bloated gut was much less and I am starting to feel the stomach muscle under feels harder. The facial exercises, esp. the kiss face one is to tighten aging double chin effect. My mother had that and I am blessed with it, so I will try to make it leave. Having a double chin makes you look older.

The only time I have broken the IFTTT rule is if I wake in the middle of the night having to go pee. I am not going through all that and further waking myself up. So, I take a mental note and make up for it the next day.

Give it a try and it doesn’t even remotely have to be what I do. You can make your own IFTTT events and see how they go for you. I just find it is an easy way to get things done that you would not ordinarily do.