You Might Have Noticed The Site Has Changed

If you visit this site on and off, you may have noticed there has been drastic changes.

I was thinking on it the past few days, along with stopping the use of social media (I did) and decided to redo everything.

I removed all the adult material and the store. Frankly, the store made zero money and anything I sell will just go up on Ebay, where I have a better chance at selling it. The adult ads I was running got very little traffic from this site and did not convert. In short it was a waste of time. My adult sites remain on my Tumblr page, which does get some conversions to the cam sites.

Having adult material on this site also limited me from running mainstream affiliate programs, which I plan on doing here in the future. The more I built this site, the more sloppy it started to look and I hated it. Also, getting rid of social media I needed a place to express myself and put my own ideas. So, I scrapped the old site and here is the new one.

I have kept of course the links to my YouTube channel and I have kept my live streaming cam to my motel room (for now, because if I do not make enough money I will turn that cam off). Of course, I have left the donation link to my GoFundMe, which of course no one has donated to yet, at the time of me writing this anyway.

If a rare person follows me on my Twitter account, please know I am not actually there. I have a robot running that. I could die tomorrow and my Twitter would still be updating itself.

So, for now this site is my place to be me and tell my ideas, interests and stories. I have no interest in your feedback. I had enough of that on social media, which is why on all my new stuff comments will be turned off. I do not care if I upset you or if you like me or don’t like what I say, because you do not have to be here.

All that being said, I do hope in time I can open your mind to things, pass along information and just entertain you with my life and thoughts.