Why I Left Facebook and Other Social Media Like It

Since the 2016 presidential election I have found social media to have become increasingly toxic. It no longer holds enjoyment for me. No matter what group on there I am in or who I delete from my Facebook feed it is somehow always filled with politics and hate.

I voted for Donald Trump (and so far will again). This causes constant attacks against me by local gays (and frankly many people). I am called a Nazi, self hating gay, stupid, racist and to check my privileged. This comes from people who are in real life in fact actually racist and self hating people. Drug addicts who say the “N-word” and have no real understanding of most of anything. But, on social media they do nothing all day except post with the herd. These people who accuse the right of being bullies are in fact bullies themselves. They are everything they accuse me of. They run on whatever the emotion of the day is and go on feelings, often which are not based in reality at all.

Take for example the recent picture of a little boy in a cage. This picture is of course a picture from a protest that took place in Texas and had nothing to do with what was happening at the border. Did this matter when they were finally told that? No, they doubled down and just shout “DO YOU SUPPORT PUTTING KIDS IN CAGES?!!!!! DO YOU!!! YES OR NO?!!” Oh, fuck off.

I am so tired of the brainwashed nonsense coming from the likes of them, who frankly, the ones I know in real life are garbage humans.

They are an uncontrolled wild group of ignorant idiots who are lead by the mass brainwashing of television and pop culture. They are fully dumbed down and under the spell. More garbage humans like Maxine Waters a Rep. for California comes out and basically says to attack Trump supporters. The mass media and social media (though algorithms) are pushing for a civil war or at the very least civil unrest.

For the most part, years ago I turned the TV off (minus every few months when I might decide to watch a movie or some major event happens I might turn on a News station). However, it occurred to me that social media is just another tool being used to lead the masses by the very type of people who control the mass media. So, I turned it off. I deleted the apps and I put a domain blocker on Chrome, so if by habit I type it in I am redirected to another page.

Just me writing this I know can cause vindictive people to try to have me shut down or complain, so everything I write or produce I will have backed up in the event my stuff is suddenly erased. There is nothing more right now that the left hates than someone who can not be censored.

So, for my own sanity I will retreat from the machine of hate and lies. I am not going to answer to anyone, nor explain anything I do. All comments will be turned off on my blogs from now on and any videos or podcasts I do I will do the same. I have no desire to hear from the anonymous masses. If you do not like me, you will have to do something very old fashion and just stop looking at my stuff, because I do not want to hear you and won’t.

By the way before I end this post I would like to say the final thing that broke the camels back was a recent post by someone local in my area. It was about the protest of the restaurant who kicked out the press secretary. This person enraged over the protest (And who posts nonsense all day, like the fake child in the cage) said “Perhaps it’s time we ask foreign governments to intervene and help protect Americans from an oppressive government?”. Fucking moron. You have no idea what oppressive is. Bye Felicia.

At first I just unfollowed the person and more of his ilk, but then I was like…You know what? I have to self censor and not be myself and be bullied by all of you brainwashed fools. Nope, bye. You can all eat yourselves alive without me.