Why I Don’t Believe Homosexuality Is Genetic

O.K. so, while the title of this is “Why I Don’t Believe Homosexuality Is Genetic”. That does not mean that it will not end up being. I just have seen no proof of this and have other ideas.

Before it is pointed out that “Animals are gay and so it is natural!!!”, when you really look into this, most of the “gay animals” are classified by homosexual behavior. For example a male dog humps another male dog. This is labeled homosexuality. Dogs also hump blankets, pillows, legs and stuffed animals. Besides two male penguins that are held up for us as an example of an animal homosexual relationships, you do not see exclusive homosexuality in the animal kingdom.

Also, saying that because animals do it, it is therefore natural can not be used as an argument. Animals often rape other animals, eat their own feces, and some throw their feces. They eat their own vomit and the vomit of other animals. Animals do many things that might be deemed as “natural” that is not “natural” or “acceptable” to us. But, I do not want to get on the “it is natural” debate because I am looking more at “Is it genetic?”.

If homosexuality is genetic, lets look at what wouldn’t be part of that. Because genetic would be having same sex attraction. Genetic would not be flitting around a gay bar screeching “oohhhhh gurl!!”. Genetic would not be dressing as a drag queen. Genetic would simply be same sex attraction.

However, what we do see is a variety of homosexual behavior. We have men who only have sex with other men who look like a woman (transsexual or cross-dresser for example), men who have sex with men and women, men who have sex with other men only while in prison and men who have sex with men only when highly intoxicated. So, is there a gay gene that only activates while in prison? A gay gene that only likes chicks with a penis?

I have thought a lot about homosexuality over the decades. Unlike many gay men I question myself and I question homosexuality. For example, when I would go to gay bars, I met a guy who I was immediately attracted to. In fact, I thought he was the best looking guy in the bar. Only, it turns out it was a female to male transsexual. This person did not have a penis, they had a vagina. This did not bother me and I would have hooked up with him. Why? It isn’t the penis then..in fact it became apparent a penis was not required for me to still want sex with this person.

So, what was it then? Was it only the look of being a man that is required for me to be into them? What exactly is it about a look that I like? And what is it about the female look that is the turn off for me often? Is it the breasts? Maybe, I am not into fat men with man boobs, but many are. Why am I not into a chick with a dick? After all, the penis is there, but the look isn’t. What is the look? What would be this gene?

The religious will tell people it is a sin or that you can pray it away. You can’t (I’ve tried that experiment). And this is where it gets lost. Pray the gay away or it is genetic. This is the two choices for the most part and it gets shutdown there.

I think it has more to do with a variety of things that center around thoughts and reinforcement. The brain has an amazing way of adapting to things over time and the more you do something or think something the more it reinforces these connections. Knowing that the brain has something called neuroplasticity, (Neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity and neural plasticity, is the ability of the brain to change throughout an individual’s life, e.g., brain activity associated with a given function can be transferred to a different location, the proportion of grey mater can change, and synapses may strengthen or weaken over time.) I have run experiments on myself over the years.

In some experiments I have only allowed thoughts of sex with females during masturbation. This is not easy at first, but over time becomes easier and seems to have a lasting effect. As in, even when I stop I am able to go back to that easier at a future time. If continued long enough, I have experienced catching myself looking at a woman in the store. This started to become an automatic behavior.

Not masturbating also seems to have some effect. As in, my mind becomes so aroused after awhile that it doesn’t seem to care who the fictional sex partner might be.

Eating a drastically different diet also seems to have an effect on my sexuality, which reverts when I go back to old eating habits.

Another thought is epigenetics (which would be somewhat genetic) this is where gene expression can be turned on and off. Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene function that do not involve changes in the DNA sequence. So, basically everyone could hold this same sex attraction ability, but for some reason it is turning on in some people. Most likely through environmental factors, in this case thoughts, past experiences and reinforcement.

The reinforcement is a large part. Same sex thoughts, lead to masturbation of these thoughts and finally orgasm, a very powerful reinforcement. This leads to same sex sex taking place, another reinforcement for the brain to further make stronger connections.

Anyway, I could go on and on with this (and I am sure I will address this in the future more), but long story short if you experiment with yourself and drop all the brainwashing that surrounds ideas around homosexuality, you will find you can alter yourself in someways. No matter the experiments I have done on myself, I have yet to change my genetic blue eyes more brown.