Why I Deleted Grindr

So, why did I delete Grindr? In short it is full of filth. People lying about their HIV status. People only looking for bareback sex and using PrEP as an excuse to do so. People who are HIV+ often lie and state they are Negative on PrEP because they are undetectable. While transmission is very low if undetectable, lying still takes away other people’s choices and being able to make an informed decision.

If you don’t know what PrEP is, it is a low dose HIV drug called Truvada. People take this drug to prevent HIV infection. Only PrEP is supposed to be used with condoms to prevent other STDs. The medical community and the media will have you believe that is exactly what gay men are doing. Only, they aren’t. They are using the drug to have a bareback fest. This is increasing the risk of spreading other STDs and with antibiotic resistant gonorrhea now going around this isn’t the best idea.

Not to mention PrEP comes with risks. You have to have kidney and liver function tests, along with an HIV test every few months. Just google the side effects of Truvada and ask yourself if this is worth doing, just to get off, because you can’t control yourself.

I am going to try to find a PrEP commercial that was filmed locally here a few years ago…hold…

As you can see it is called “I Like To Party”, this of course has a double meaning esp. in the gay community. PNP, party and play. It is the rampant drug use that goes on in the gay community. You will see it on Grindr and in the past CriagsList when that site still offered personal ads. It would read something like this “Bareback Bottom into PNP looking to take several loads tonight.”

This is considered acceptable behavior in the gay community and is celebrated. Go Pride!!!

I do not consider myself a part of the gay community and in general can not stand them. They are ultra left leaning, often on drugs, alcoholics, not to mention the self hate and vileness they spread. They worship youth and the perfect body, while at the same time destroying themselves and other people.

I am only speaking of course of the “gay community” and not gay people. There is a difference. The sane gay people have divorced themselves from this “community”. The gay community now celebrates child drag queens and the push for hormones to be given to children/young teens, who they believe to be transsexual. In fact some in the gay community scream that there are 76 genders (there isn’t) and indeed some that there is no male/female and this is all a construct (it isn’t) and that everyone is simply gender fluid (they aren’t).

They ignore that even after transsexuals have surgery they often still have a high suicide rate (which, is claimed because they are not accepted, also false) and many have changed their mind after. Some sit there claiming they are both sexes. They will come up with pronouns of Ze, Zem, Zhey because they claim to be neither sex and demand everyone around them address them this way. If you don’t you are a hater, self hating gay, racist (even though it isn’t a race), and/or a homophobe.

Work environments now hold sensitivity training on this crap and liberals push for it. They see themselves as enlightened, when all they are doing is promoting the mass insanity that is becoming our world.