I Have Been Awake 29 Hours

I have been awake 29 hours and I am no where near going to bed. I am wide awake.

This is not a shock to me though. I woke at 1030am yesterday morning, then had 400mg of caffeine from 2 bottles of ice coffee. Later in the early evening I had two more bottles of ice coffee, so another 400mg. Then early this morning went to Dunkin Donuts and took in another 360mg worth of caffeine. About half an hour ago I went back to Dunkin Donuts and as of this moment I am ingesting another 360mg of caffeine.

While I am a little pale and a little jittery as well as having some visual disturbances from being awake so long I am ok. My brain is WIDE awake.

So, anyway I had added google analytics to http://www.brianlongo.com they gay cam site. I had talked about a chatroom I was in that had the link and was getting traffic. However, while watching the real time traffic all day I noticed it had a very high bounce rate and no one from there was staying on it very long. So, I am not bothering with the chatroom anymore, it is pointless.

I did sign up for pornhub and put the link to http://www.brianlongo.com in my profile there and have been leaving comments on videos there, which draws some traffic to my profile. The people that trickle in from there seem to be staying a lot longer than the people from the chatroom Hopefully, that will lead to some signups and more important some people who will spend money on the models working on the site, which means money for both of us.

Back to the coffee I am worried when I stop I am going to have a massive headache or something and also be very very tired for days. I guess I will find out.



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