In My Quest For Traffic

In my quest for traffic today I set up an account on I went through all my nude selfies and dick pics and went to a site that allows you to caption photos and added the link to 

From there I uploaded the 24 pictures to in the hopes they are shared on there and pinned by other boards on there.

I then took my board link on and added it to 10khits, which as I stated before is mostly fake traffic, but it sends traffic directly to my account displaying all my pictures. Hopefully, someone will go to the site on them.

Then I saved the 11 best pictures to my phone which I will upload to Tumbrl tonight before I start my reblogging on there. I will probably add those 11 pictures every night for awhile hoping the get reblogged.

So, why did I use my own pictures? Well because watermarking pictures of others is against copyright and I was not about to pay for stock porn.

You would think all that wouldn’t take long to do, but it took hours. So, now I am going to rest, let new ideas come to me and watch lifetime movies.



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