Back In My Usual Room


Back in my usual room. Now this motel room has the same purple wall. I am back with my large bed though, which I missed haha.

So, Tumblr banned the 3 new blogs I started. I sorta figured they would. Thankfully, they left my main blog. However, this left me with a situation of how do I advertise my straight girl cam site? First, I went to a few free dating apps, but those were quickly banned, that also was not surprising.

So, for now what I ended up doing to get traffic to my girl cam site is start two blogs on blogspot. My twitter that is already automated, is now also automated to make blog posts to one of the two blogspots I started, while I figure things out. The other blogspot is setup so that any time Drudge Reports tweets on their twitter account, it auto posts their tweets to the second blog. Both advertise the girl cam site

So, while I know these two auto blogs will not get me a ton of traffic, in time it will send a little. They link to adult material, so their is an adult warning before each before entering (mandatory rule from blogspot). Here is the two auto blogs:


I am glad that Tumblr got rid of the other 3 blogs, my fingers were starting to hurt, but it still sucks some. However, like I said I am glad they left the main one that has 26,000 followers.

Before I reblog anything on Tumblr each day I post the following ad in hopes others on Tumblr share it:


(which, you can’t see as clearly when this blog resizes the picture)

That picture will generate hardly any traffic, but every bit counts…in time.

Now that I am done with a lot of this stuff I am moving on to think of other ways to make money and to drive traffic to my different sites.

I am still very much leaning towards not even bothering to get a car. I will talk a lot more about that later. I did speak with my ex bf Keith about things and my thoughts and he agreed with a lot of it.

I am very much just trying to really figure out what my long term game plan is.

By the way I have not been proof reading my blogs, so I am sorry about any errors and hope you can figure it out haha.



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