In A Different Room


So, after a few days of waiting to see when my other room is going to be painted I was moved to this room today. I get to go back to the room I have been in since June of last year around Monday next week. I miss my room already because the microwave, heater, tv and fridge works better in the other room. I guess the room I am in now is brighter, but that is because it was just painted. When I return to my usual room I assume it will be brighter as well.

This is the downside to living in a motel. You are at the mercy of whatever they are doing. Back in Oct. I was out of my room all day because they were putting in new furniture. You are also at the mercy of who is staying at the motel, though I have been lucky nothing really crazy has happened and I have yet to have anyone so loud I couldn’t sleep. Oh and lastly this room has double beds, by usual room has one large one. I prefer that.

Yesterday morning, with everything else I have been dealing with one of my laptops died on me. It was old, but I was still upset because I use it every day. Thankfully, I have two laptops, so I had a backup. This morning however I got a warning that the new laptop was going to turn off from low battery. However, the laptop was plugged in. So, I changed outlets and it started charging. Then it occurred to me by other laptop wasn’t dead because it was plugged in that outlet as well. I plugged it in to a new one and my old laptop came to life. So, I am back to two thankfully.

At the moment I am having some mild mouth pain. I hope that goes away. I really do not need a major dental infection to start right now, esp with no car. I have all sorts of pain recently, mouth, right hand and fingers, upper back. Fun Fun.


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